About AMI Gears

Who we are

A company founded in 1953 for the quality manufacturing of custom gears & machined parts and became one of the top manufacturers in gears industry. The whole idea or vision was to meet market’s demand for high quality transmission gears or components and we proudly have managed to do so. Ami-Gear offers top gear manufacturing services in Pakistan and is a certified engine gears supplier in all over the world. From custom made gears to industrial machined parts, Ami-Gears stands out of the competition.

We have a wide market to serve such as oil & gas sector, marine, manufacturing concerns, industrial sector, aerospace and many more. The company owns a state-of-the-art production facility for the manufacturing of the gears and ensures that the products meet all required standards. The concept is to ensure that the manufacturing process keeps on improving through continuous improvement policy and product is delivered to meet customers’ satisfaction.

Ami-Gear is not only engine gears supplier but specialized in producing custom gears, assemblies and machined parts for diversified industries. Our prime concern is the quality of the product and we ensure that our gears meet all physical, chemical or metallurgical standards. We are internationally certified by ISO 9001 and are locally registered member of various organizations in Pakistan such as Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) or Engineering Development Board (EDB).

We have widened our services all over the world and are providing top gear manufacturing services for gears and transmission components. Our products are not limited to gears for automobile but our custom made gears are also specified for printing machinery, industrial assemblies and machined parts. Our products are custom made and are designed to meet required standards prescribed by the quality laws & regulations. Commitment to quality and customers expectation makes us superior in gear manufacturing industry.

Our clients