When we think about timing gears and transmission gear the first thing can strike your mind is why these gears are used and the types it had to do one type has some advantage on the others. All these queries will be vanishing once you can decide which transmission; timing gears can help you to provide the maximum result and can work in the long run. According to the engine, timing transmission gears US the main focus is to provide a quality product with a low cost in order to meet the expectation of the end user. When these timing and transmission gears are meshed properly then only they provide smooth internal combustion in the engine as they are connected to the camshaft and crankshaft.

Following are the types of transmission timing gears used in different scenarios. These are

  1. Timing Gears

To gain an easy understanding of the timing transmission gears, timing gears are often used first as they are easy to explain. They have two gears one on the crankshaft and other on the camshaft. These gears are coupled together and this causes them to move. To lubricate it oil is mainly used as these gears are mainly at the start of the engine and can be easily changed or overhauled in case wear and tear occurs on any of the gear. As these gears are an easy combination it is most frequently used in the engine for transmission timing gears of a vehicle.


  1. Timing Chain

When we talk about timing chain the first thing that comes to the mind is that probably the camshaft and crankshaft are far apart and this is the case actually since the two i.e. crankshaft and camshaft are at distance away from each other they need a source to connect them and this is why chain is used which should have oil on it for smooth running.


  1. Timing Belt

Timing belt has certain advantages over gears and chain and therefore many engine timing transmission gears USA manufacturers prefer timing belt over that other as they are silent(no noise) moreover they can be used on multiple camshafts which provides an edge over the gear and chain assembly.


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