Gears have become one of the best inventions that has made life easier and effective but gear, in general, is a vast spectrum and it is essential to break it into different components. We have heard of many types of gears and they are used according to their specification and role in undergoing the certain process as conceived by transmission parts manufacturers around the globe. With these things in mind let’s just discuss the transmission gears, the main purpose of using transmission gears, the different types of transmission gears and just have a knowledge of what makes it special and a driving force for the vehicles.


Transmission mainly refers to a machine that can transmit power in order to achieve torque and the vehicle can be accelerated by switching between the gears resulting in increased speed and performance of the vehicle. So when you race driver you will prefer a gearbox of 5 to 6 gears that should have very less time in switching in-between and can be speed-up quickly. Mainly we have two sets of transmission gears, Manual transmission, and automatic transmission. One might think what would be the need for introducing different transmissions and for this let’s discuss the difference between the two sets of transmission gears.

Manual Transmission

According to manual transmission parts manufacturers, manual transmission has a set of 5 to 6 gear which is commonly known as gearbox and the driver can shift between the gears by first pressing the clutch which is on the bottom left of the pedal and there is a rod which is joined with the gears and the movement of rod changes the gears but before the clutch is pressed. With every change in gear the vehicles speed increases along with the torque which provides smooth motion of the vehicle.

Automatic Transmission

Even though the manual transmission was going well but there was a need to make it automatic in order to provide more luxury and comfort to the driver so that a person can relax while driving in a heavy traffic because he/she doesn’t have to switch between gears very frequently as in case of manual transmission in heavy traffic. There is an automatic shift in gear with increased speed and it provides more comfort.


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