Imagine you are going on a long drive with your family or friend as a matter of fact and your engine fails while you are on the motorway you try the ignition button but nothing happens. Firstly you will be highly disappointed and all the fun you thought you will have on this journey will start to vanish and you will be frustrated. Engines do not fail abruptly they do provide you with some symptoms before failing or coming to a halt. It also gives you an indication that your vehicle was maintained properly and you neglected every aspect and is now is a state of bother.


We will discuss certain symptoms that the engine provides before failing completely. They are:

1.Rough Running of your Engine

One of the main reasons for your engine to run rough is because your timing cover has loosened up and an unpleasant noise is generated from the front of your engine. Many people refer this noise as not so important and never refer a mechanic and in the long run, the vehicle’s engine fails as all the oil has moved within the engine and then starts to leak out of the engine as a result friction increases and affects the engine. Timing gear cover online is cheaper and is very essential for your engine.


2. Oil is leaking from the Engine

When the timing cover is damaged it cannot block the oil is used to store and spilling of oil starts that reduce the level of oil in the engine with every spillage of oil the level reduces and it reaches to a point when the entire engine has no oil since it was not looked and maintained properly it resulted in engine damage which is the main component of a vehicle and as a result the engines fails to start giving you a lot of headaches and now spending too much on the fabrication of the engine.


The main reason for such a scenario is the timing cover. Timing cover should be effective and of good quality to combat a robust environment in the engine and for that, you can buy timing gear cover online very easily from AMI gears. Ami gears provide you with the best quality of timing cover with reasonable cost. You need to think that buying the timing cover is cheaper or getting an overhaul for your engine after it fails to run.