Timing is very crucial in every aspect. In every department, if you perform your duties on time you will achieve the positive result but a little lapse in concentration and focus it can put you in all sorts of trouble. That’s the beauty of being responsible and taking strict measure to do work on time. Just like we humans value time so much the products that we made also take this into account. For example, if you cannot time about switching your car gears you will not be able to have a smooth motion and in long run, your vehicle will suffer from many problems.


Importance of timing gears

Timing can be done with various different options such as chains, belts, and gears all of these will provide the desired output and will help you to achieve your goal. Timing gears are basically an interconnection between camshaft and crankshaft. So for your vehicle may it be a car or a tractor both requires a series of timing between gears in order to provide a smooth flow/motion which is the primary objective of a vehicle. When the timing gears have meshed together with the different number of teeth so that they can provide force, speed and motion but to achieve these objectives there should be proper switching between the gears where these timing gears play an important part. Since the timing & transmission gears are connected to the camshaft and crankshaft the main role is to determine the opening and closing of the valve for the internal combustion. If this timing is neglected then the engine will suffer you may experience noise from your engine, engine may backfire or run roughly which will damage it and if such condition stays for some time you may not be able to run your engine and that the worst possible condition that can occur and once the engine stops running it becomes very difficult to fabricate it and all the overhauling job takes lots of days and even after doing this the performance of the engine is not same.


We at AMI produce timing & transmission gears for tractors to provide the best possible solution to your problem at low cost which doesn’t mean that we compromise on our quality for us quality is the highest priority so that our client has complete faith in us.