Case-hardening is a process widely-used in the various industrial manufacturing processes that comprise of putting a metal work-piece through the hardening process. In the case-hardening process, it is only the surface that is put through the hardening process while the core of the metal underneath remains unfazed. Ami Gears is a top hardening company. Thus, the surface of the metal work-piece is hardened for a number of reasons and industrial purposes by altering its' physical and chemical characteristics while the core below it retains its' properties both physical and chemical. Iron and steel are widely used in the manufacturing process and one of the few limitations there are on its' use are widely due its' low carbon content.

To rectify this intrinsic flaw, case-hardening process is applied to a variety of metals with low carbon content especially iron and steel since their application worth in the manufacturing sector is so widespread.

In this process since the hardenability properties of steel and iron are so inadequate as per the needs of various manufacturing process, they are conditioned through the infusion of extra carbon and nitrogen into the top most layer of the metal, which serves as its' surface. This stage serves as one of a number of process phases that lead to the final formation of its' shape.

Various applications of the metal put through case hardening manufacturing process include making stronger bars by increasing the carbon content of the metal used. These bars can then be used in processes known as pattern welding.

Alloy steels are one of the most suitable metals to be put through the case-hardening process. Mild steels present some of the biggest complications for the case-hardening processes due to their low carbon content so before they can be put through the case-hardening process, the chemical and physical properties of the mild steel are altered to increase their suitability. Ami Gears as a top hardening company carries out the best case hardening manufacturing processes available anywhere in the market.