Double helical gears are different from helical gears and must not be confused with it. There are significant design, structural, operation, and application differences that make them different and as a result, double helical gears Company US Ami Gears suggest that they should be treated as separate types of gears and not used interchangeably either in documents or actual use.

Having said that, there are a few similarities between the two. Like the helical gears, double helicals carry the same benefit of running smoothly but unlike helical gears that shouldn't be used to transmit considerable power, double helical gears have much greater strength when the contact is made with their teeth rather than employing surface-to-surface contact.

Replacing spur gears with double helical gears is super easy and doesn't require too much effort. It requires neither re-designing nor changing the mounting bearings. As far as production and manufacturing goes double helical gears are more difficult to produce and thus require greater commitment and precision focus, as a result, they are more expensive than other types of gears including the single helical gears.

The main areas of application and use of double helical gears like in their usage in machinery like cranes, fluid pumps, and even in military establishment equipment such as the transmission of power to the propulsion screws, which makes for excellent efficiency such as reduced noise and minimal vibratory motion. Even though double helical gears are generally quiet and perform with very vibratory motion, they are no match for the lubricated worm gears that are the quietest gears there are.

As far as rotatory power goes, double helical gears carry 1/5th extra torque capacity, which means the transfer of rotatory power is incredible. Despite their generally quiet operation, they still fall short of the noise levels that spur gears set but since spur gears are unable to carry the sort of power that double helical gears are capable of, they are unemployable in many applications. Double helical gears also have no induced thrust force. As a double helical gears Company US, Ami Gears can build the double helical gears for you regardless of their application.