Carburizing is a widely-used industry process that is used in a number of heat treatment processes. Gas Carburizing involves iron and steel. In that process, the two metals are made to completely absorb while both steel and iron are heated to a certain temperature while there is a carbon containing material in the surrounding environment.

This carbon containing material could be anything from charcoal to CO (Carbon Mono-oxide). The main goal of the gas Carburizing process is to further harden the metal as much as possible. The process really depends on the number of hours and the extent of temperature given to the process. Ami Gears as a hot gas carburizing manufacturers US knows all these little things.

Given the time the process took and the temperature to which the metal is heated, the carbon absorption level can vary. As is obvious, the longer the the process takes and the higher the temperature in the process but not too high, more carbon is absorbed by the metal in the gas Carburizing process.

Once the metals have been heated to a certain temperature, they are suddenly cooled. The sudden cooling process mostly consists of basic quenching. After quenching, the carbon content on the metal surface hardens. The cause of this hardening of carbon on the metal bodies is due to the sudden transformation from austenite to martensite. But during the process, the actual core does not become hard but stays tough.

The characterization of the gas Carburizing process in the manufacturing industry are various. Gas Carburizing really has no limitations when it comes to applying them to materials and pieces with low-carbon contents as they normally keep their rigidity while they do have the tendency to lead to a case hardness about quarter of an inch thick. There are industrial applications that employ this in a process to compensate for Carburizing that took place sometime earlier in the industrial process. Regardless of the scope of your project, a hot gas carburizing manufacturers US like Ami Gears can take care of all of your needs.