Contrary to the popular misconception, gas Nitriding is not the same as ammonia Nitriding. Ammonia Nitriding is a kind of gas Nitriding in which ammonia gas is used. The basis for gas Nitriding gas lies in using a gas that is rich in nitrogen.

Most often that nitrogen-rich gas is ammonia, which contributes to the misconception that the two are interchangeable. For the sake of describing the gas Nitriding process, we are going to use ammonia gas as the example.

During the gas Nitriding process employing ammonia, when the material is heated and once a certain temperature is reached depending on the kind of material being used, it is brought into contact with the ammonia gas (NH3). A professional top gas nitriding manufacturers like us pays attention to the slightest of detail to ensure that the process is free from any flaws. Upon coming into contact with the ammonia gas, the material splits it into hydrogen and nitrogen. Once the have been diffused, the nitrogen thus separated settles on the surface of the heated material and creates a kind of coat over it. This coat is known as the nitride layer. Gas Nitriding has been in use for centuries due to its' ease of implementation.

Over the last few decades as technology has advanced exponentially, efforts have been made to monitor and study the process more closely to understand the thermodynamic and kinetic laws governing the gas Nitriding process. Also due to technological advancement, the gas Nitriding process can be accurately measured.

Ami gears as a top gas nitriding manufacturers has been using gas Nitriding method for decades now and has done so for hundreds of clients over the years successfully and with good results. We have the latest equipment available in the market today to carry out quality assurance tests during the various phases of the gas Nitriding process to ensure quality, durability, and other relevant tests depending on the intended use of the material regardless of the clients’ industry.