Sand casting is one of the various metal casting methods that employ sand and moulds to produce objects. As the name implies, sand casting pertains to creating an object through its' mould in the sand casting process. Factories that function in the specialized sector known as foundries typically employ sand casting in their manufacturing processes of various objects. One of the reasons for sand casting's popularity is the low-cost that a green sand casting manufacturers like us would charge.

It is inexpensive to make objects out of moulds since it requires little effort, planning, and design. It is a good enough refractor for even the steel industry so you are not making a compromise on durability if you are buying objects made of a sand casting manufacturing process. On top sand, it is also a common practice to use clay which needlessly in technical terms is also referred to as a bonding agent.

This bonding agent is mixed with sand to ensure the durability and strength of the object being manufactured. The entire solution is dampened with water so it is all a bit damp, which makes it an ideal mixture to create moulds out of. As far as suitability goes, clay is one of the oldest methods in practice to produce long lasting products that are durable and stand the test of times. Obviously, it is not the strongest object out there but the difference in strength and durability is not significant once you factor in the application of the products manufactured from the green sand casting process.

The word 'green' in the green sand signifies that the mixture is still active so can be moulded to produce an object. It is usually just clay but remains malleable. It ceases being a green sand once the mixture has dried up and can no longer be moulded into a shape of your choice. Ami Gears is a professional green sand casting manufacturers that puts out some of the best available products.