A hobbed shaft simply is a shaft that has gone through the process of hobbing, which is basically a process that cuts gears, splines, sprockets with a mechanical device called a hobbing machine. A hobbing machine is not by any means a technical equipment, it falls under the category of a milling machine.

Using a hobbing machine, the manufacturer carefully cuts teeth into the metal shaft with a hobbing machine, which for the moment you can think of as a cutting tool. One advantage the hobbing process has over other methods of gear manufacturing is the cost-effectiveness. Due to its' simplicity and easy to learn technique, hobbing saves a lot of money not only in the actual manufacturing process but even in designing and planning costs, a custom hobbed Shaft manufacturer services like us can provide that.

For small businesses who have to cut costs to survive, prosper, and expand, every dollar matters and choosing the right kind of gear manufacturing system could prove to be a vital decision that could make or break their financial quarter. Thus, businesses looking to buy custom made gears should explore the hobbing process and more specifically, the custom hobbed shaft Company not only due to its' low-cost but also because of its' simplicity of manufacture and operation.

The services custom hobbed shaft Company offers are generally used for creating spur gears and helical gears by employing the cutting process described above. There are obviously other ways to manufacture them as well but hobbing provides as easy and convenient solution and the spur gears and helical gears thus made could operate in most of the applications.

Internal gears can also be manufactured through this technique, which is similar to the skiving through which one can scarf off the unwanted and supercilious metal off of a metallic surface to design an appropriate shaft. Ami Gears provides only the custom hobbed Shaft manufacturer services.