Die casting is in a lot of ways similar to gravity casting. The similarity is that both of the processes require heating the primary metal to the melting point. It helps purification purposes as well as turns the metal into a molten form from where it could be moulded into the share of choice. A professional pressure die casting manufacturers like us does that on a regular basis.

Both of the processes are widely used in the manufacturing industry to manufacture a range of items from gears to equipment required for oil drilling. The difference between the die casting process and the gravity casting process lies in the forces used to give the molten matter a specific shape.

Unlike in the gravity casting process where molten matter is poured into a crucible but no external force is applied to give the molten matter a specific shape, the die casting process requires external influences. In die casting process, the molten matter is pressurized into a mold cavity, which is made up of steel dies.

These steel dies have themselves gone through various processes and their ultimate use with regards to the die casting process is to be used as injection moulds since most die castings are composed of non-ferrous metallic bodies like zinc, pewter, lead, magnesium etc. A hot or cold chamber is then used. Whether you choose a hot chamber or cold chamber depends on the type of metal going through the pressure die casting Company’s process. Due t o the specialized equipment required to carry out the process of pressure die casting Company, it is expensive and the costs mainly go to the casting equipment and metal dies. This puts a certain limitation on carrying out large-scale projects. Regardless of the costs, which are not the highest in the industry, it remains one of the least complicated methods there are.

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