When it comes to engine gears & transmission components, they are used in tons in mechanical devices. With the help of transmission gears, a vehicle transmits its engine power to its wheel so that it keeps on moving. Similarly, any mechanical device cannot function up to its optimal level if it does not have functional engine gears. Engine gears and transmission components are considered to be the core of any mechanical device. This is the reason, it is very essential that these gears remain functional in order to keep the unit running.

For quality and top gear manufacturing services, Ami-Gears is known to be the best manufacturer & supplier in town. As a leading engine gears supplier, we offer extensive services in timing gears, machined parts and transmission components covering a wide industrial zone. Our expert services are the manufacturing & supplying of;

  • Custom Made Gears
  • Engine Timing & Transmission Gears
  • Tractor Timing & Transmission Gears
  • Custom Forgings
  • Custom Machined Parts
  • Heat Treatment

Ami-Gears stepped in the gear manufacturing industry long way back and managed to provide top gear manufacturing services over the years. We started off with a small incorporation in 1953 and now we have become one of the most rated engine gears suppliers in the world. We are not only engine gears supplier but we have a very wide market to serve irrespective of the type of industry. Initially our focus was to fulfill market’s demand for transmission gears but now we are a manufacturing concern catering diversified industrial demand.

We are looking after a wide industrial zone mainly Oil & Gas sector, Marine Industry, Manufacturing Industries and Aerospace etc. In order to serve these industries, we have designated a state of the art manufacturing plant and produce high quality gears which meet all physical, chemical and metallurgical standards as well as customers specific requirements. We are also ISO certified and member of various local & international organizations to ensure quality standards.