Spiral bevel gears are generally used for industrial applications only. So if you think you need a spiral bevel gear, you should explore other options that might be more viable and fitting for your operations. As a custom Bevel gears company US, Ami Gears can take care of all your needs.

In bevel gears, there are two shafts which intersect each others' axes and the sides which have teeth on them face each other which conically shapes coming into the contact with each other. As far as mounting goes for bevel gears, the shafts are mounted at 90 degrees from each other. Bevel gears are not limited to 90 degree angles only, they can be connected at virtually any angle although there are limits to their maneuverability.

Spiral Bevel gears are an ideal option for applications and uses that demand significant torque transmission at high speeds. When placed at 90 degrees with each other, the spiral shape transmits maximum torque through the tooth surface. In applications when the contact area covers the entire tooth of a bevel gear, they can run at even higher speeds compared. This is true of spiral bevel gears. Bevel gears with straight teeth generally run at lower speeds than their spiral siblings.

Spiral bevel gears have the added benefit of handling hard stops and starts. Traditionally, hardened steel is the material used in the manufacture of bevel gears. During the manufacturing process, especial attention is paid to the teeth in order to give them a more accurate finishing. Such precision focus and attention to detail lets the bevel gears operate at high speeds without inducing a considerable amount of noise, which only a custom Bevel gears company US can ensure.