Ami Gears is a custom hot forged Shaft company that has been in the business of manufacturing shafts for years and have learned an incredible amount over what material performs well for which tasks. As for most shafts used in the gear systems go, we usually employ the open die forging process, which affords us the ability to manufacture shafts that have high tolerance under stress and heat, durability to last long and require as little a maintenance as possible while protecting even against nominal wear and tear, terrific built-in resistance to impacts and blows, which come in handy when these shafts are used in heavy machinery, and water resistance to protect shafts and ensure their performance in liquid and high humidity environments.

We also use a number of alloys during the manufacturing process of gear shafts, which range from alloys of steel, to aluminum, copper, and even nickel, depending on the application and task at hand. Although applications range across the industry spectrum, we tend to specialize most in shafts that are employed at or near fossil fuel exploration sites, petrochemical processing plants, food processing plants, engines, turbines, and aircraft manufacturing and maintenance plants.

Manufacturing shafts is not enough. All modern businesses and plants have to comply with government regulations with regards to durability, carbon footprint, and even hygiene especially when it comes to food products. The shafts we manufacture are not only compliant with the industry standards but far surpass them. Modern industry standards such as AMS, SAE, GE, Boeing etc. are met as well as full checks and tests carried out to ensure compliance and durability at various stages and after the manufacturing process.

Our shafts are fully fit for the application that they purport to comply with. We ensure quality and carry out tests to ensure that they are not only compliant but also fulfill the task at hand. The material used also goes through conditioning even though the raw material we use is the best one available anywhere in the market, which only a custom hot forged Shaft company can provide to its’ valued customers.