Hot forging is a metal forging process in which metals are driven through plastically deformation processes. It takes place above their recrystallization temperatures, which varies from metal to metal. Once the metal is above its' recrystallization temperature deforms the metal in question. A top hot forging company manufacturers US like us takes care of all the intricacies.

Once the temperatures are dropped or allowed to cool, the primary metal takes its' deformed shape. This is the basis of the hot forging process. The primary metals must be exposed to temperatures higher than their recrystallization temperatures since it keeps the material hardening due to strain also known as strain hardening, which is basically a process of hardening polymer or material in deformation through recrystallization.

So the hot forging doesn't let the material lose its' yield strength, which is the limit of the elastic quality of a material. Along with the yield strength, it also keeps the hardens of the material low. Contrary to yield strength and hardness of the material, hot forging raises the ductility of the material.

It is completely contrary to cold working where the ductility of the material is driven down while the yield strength and hardness of the material in use are allowed to go higher and higher.

Ami gears, a top hot forging company manufacturers US, has the latest technology available and the best human resource available anywhere in the market to make good use of hot forging in order to deliver the material that is required. Meticulous attention is paid to monitor each of the phases of the hot forging process to make sure that the products that come out on the other end are in compliance and work just the way that our clients expect them to. Ami gears’ products meet international standards and are compliant with some of the stringent industry regulations unlike most other manufacturers in the market so prevalent today.