The process of steel annealing Company is one of the most widely-used process in metallurgy as well as material science. Basically, it is a heat treatment process that aims to transform and change the properties, both physical and chemical, of the metal piece in question. As the best brass annealing Company US, Ami Gears is your trusted partner.

Although the application and intention of changing physical and chemical properties could vary significantly depending on the industry, type, and use of the metal piece, annealing is used chiefly to alter the chemical and physical characteristics so that the transformed metal can mould better much like a plastic surface without breaking and rupturing.

To this end, the process of steel annealing Company increases the materials' ductility, which makes it easier for the manufacturers to mould it in any way they like without cracking the material at hand. As the ductility of the material increases, the hardness of the material must be driven down therefore the increase in ductility is simultaneously followed by the reduction in hardness that makes it easier for the manufacturers to create moulded shapes and bodies according to their requirements without inflicting permanent damage to the material surface.

During the brass annealing Company US process, atoms of the material move from one place to another within the lattice of the crystal while the total points of actual dislocations increase. This ultimately sets off a chain of chemical processes that result in transformation in the ductility levels and the hardness levels of the metal in question. Once this stage is over and the metal is allowed to cool down in the manufacturing process, it crystallizes again.

This has the great benefit of rendering the metal piece usable for a number of reasons. The application of various industrial and manufacturing processes dictate that a metal’s ductility and hardness be artificially controlled and the process of annealing plays a great role to this end. Ami Gears is the best annealing manufacturer in the US.