Carbonitriding is one of the most crucial modification techniques for a number of metal surfaces that removes any indication of wear and tear while it makes the surface of the metal even harder.

It is part of the various metallurgical processes that are used in the manufacturing industry for a number of reasons that are as wide as their application in the industrial market and use in the consumer, retail, and wholesale arena. Ami Gears as a carbonitriding manufacturers uses the best available technology.

The way the cabonitriding process works is by diffusing deep into the surface of the metal, thus setting up barriers, which do not allow slips. They also make the surface a lot harder than before by increasing modulus close to the surface.

Although the process of cabonitriding is widely used and versatile, financial considerations by the manufacturers and users dictate that they be usually applied only to cheap low carbon steel, which also has the benefit of not being complicated to machine.

This is used to employ the properties of the metals that are expensive and require strenuous effort and meticulous attention to detail to work grades of steel. Thus with cabonitriding, the manufacturers have the option to bring in properties of expensive metals into cheaply acquired and easily manageable metallic work pieces.

However, there remain a number of process still in practise and widely-used on industrial scales use for various case hardening processes. These include besides numerous other materials rich in carbon but also those that are rich in nitrogen like urea. It shows that past techniques of surface hardening were even more versatile than today and were a characterization of what is today known as cabonitriding.

Some of the pros of cabonitriding over other process is that it doesn't let the material soften up while the tempering process goes on and neither does it increase in fatigue and impact strength leave a lasting impact on the work piece. Its' resistance qualities alone make it a favorite process of the manufacturers'. Ami Gears as a carbonitriding manufacturers company prioritizes services to the customers above all else.