Not all shafts are the same, there are significant differences between them. These could be due to the material used, manufacturing method employed, the quality of metal forging, tools used, quality assurance tests carried out, and the experience of the manufacturer among many other factors that affect the quality of a precision shaft.

It also depends upon the industry regulations that manufacturers adhere to such as for China, industry regulations are a lot leaner than say in France where stringent standards must be maintained before you are allowed to sell your product to the public. So just a manufactured shaft is not enough, you need to inquire whether the manufacturer adheres to local or international standards. A professional custom precision shaft manufacturers like us takes care all of that.

Ami Gears adheres to the highest of the standards set internationally. Whether it is the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Australia, or anywhere else, our standards pass the most stringent of quality assurance tests so you can be sure that what you are paying money form is top of the line precision shaft that will endure the usual blows and perform well under stress conditions.

Attention should be paid to even a shaft since your entire system is only one malfunction away to ground to a halt or hurt the expensive equipment and components it was connected to so you should avoid cutting corners even when purchasing precision shafts. The process we use to manufacture and forge the raw material are industry approved and far surpass what most of our competitors are putting out.

On top of that, we pay special attention to processes like surface hardening, tapering, and straightness to ensure that our clients get exactly the product they expect. This ensures that we attain the client satisfaction level and repeat business that we strive so hard to achieve. As a custom precision shaft manufacturers, serving our clients is our ultimate goal.