Large and heavy spur gears are widely used in the industry for a number of reasons. Their most usual tasks involve carrying out the operations that other smaller and lighter spur gears are simply unable to carry out.

Large heavy spur gears are strong and offer the structure that can withstand high pressure and greater stress without showing any signs of distress or cracking under pressure. If smaller gears are used in place of larger and heavier spur gears, they can easily bend or crack under stress, which are the usual conditions that the large and heavy machining manufacturers US are specifically designed for. As one of the leading heavy large spur gear manufacturers, we take care of the tasks.

Small spur gears are basically just not capable of the heavy duty tasks as that is well beyond their scope of transmitting minimal torque from one end to the other without feeling great stress in the process. In applications that usually involve production of goods and products on the industrial level and in far greater numbers than small foundries, large and heavy machining manufacturers US are uses its’ production that are specifically made to handle the tasks of precisely that nature.

Without solid metal and the various processes that metal goes through during the production process that ultimately is used to make the large and heavy gears that perform heavy duty tasks, it remains very weak and thus can only be used to make smaller spur gears as anything beyond that is out of their scope.

They don't go through the process of hardening usually and are thus susceptible to cracking when anything beyond small stress is applied to their core. This cracking does not only damage the small spur gear itself but can bring down the entire industrial apparatus and the costs can easily run high.

This is why it is vital that large and heavy spur gears are used for tasks that will exert great stress on the spur gear itself. So to make custom large and heavy spur gears, you should give the manufacturer as much information about the intended task as possible so we can manufacture the large and heavy spur gears that accomplish the given tasks. Ami Gears is one of the leading heavy large spur gear manufacturers in the world.