Custom Forgings

What is custom forgings?

The process of shaping a metal alloy into different configurations through continuous heating is referred as Custom Forgings. Over the years, the process has scientifically transformed and mechanized which require skills or expertise. Today, manufacturers of custom forgings use the skill in order to produce durable custom parts which are utilized in different machinery, vehicles and other tools.

How does Custom Forgings benefit?

Custom forgings are far better than that manufactured through regular production method. Custom forgings offer better performance, higher strength of a component, structural integrity, longer life and allow a tool to be ideal for harsh work environments. If you require machine tools or components, make sure you buy custom forgings in order to get best out of it.

Custom forgings are primarily designed to be used in various industries such as manufacturing, oil & gas, workshops, construction, waste recovery and many more. When it comes to forgings, almost every component can be forged according to the required specification. From components of tractors to hand tools, forging can be done without any complication.


Ami-Gear Custom Forgings

Ami-Gear has the best team for forging a component to its specific requirement. Our team of engineers and metallurgists gets involved from the scratch and initial drawings or sketches are determined as soon as we receive the request for forging. The process is to make up different protostyles and select the one which suits best to the required specification. Our quality commitment has always been our trademark for one of the best manufacturers of custom forgings.

At Ami-Gears, you can buy custom forgings as different types of forgings is carried out in order to manufacture different machine parts & components such as hammer forging, press forging, closed-die forging and open-die forging. Ring roll forging is also one of the common forgings processes used for it.