Engine Timing & Transmission Gears

Engine timing and transmission gears are the most vital components of your vehicle. When it comes to the transmission of engines’ power to the wheels of the car, these gears play an important role. These engine gears & timing gears actually help an engine shift gears and increase speed while a car is in motion. For manual transmission, a car is started in initial gear and gains speed on the shift of successor gear whereas automatic transmission does the same with the help of torque converter.

Importance of engine timing and transmission gears

The calculation of engine timing and gear transmission is very important for the uninterrupted motion of vehicle. When something goes wrong with the functionality of gears or components, the engine timing gets wrong which ends up failing the complete transmission system of the vehicle. The transmission of gears is a formalized process which contains a lot of components helping a vehicle to continue its motion. The process also includes transmission fluid which is used for the lubrication as well as for the transmission of force & pressure.

Keeping engine gears & timing gears functional is very important in order to keep your vehicle moving. If your vehicle does not have a functional transmission system, you may face frequent problem in gear shifting, loss of acceleration and complete failure of transmission system. In order to maintain a good transmission system in your vehicle, make sure the engine gears & timing gears are of good quality. Reliability of transmission components is what required at the time of motion of vehicle.


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