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Heat Treatment

In order to ensure better performance of transmission system of a vehicle, it is important that gears & components are of good quality. Quality transmission gears help an engine to transmit rotational power timely to the wheels so as to keep it moving. Vehicles may have effective and powerful engine but if they do not have functional transmission components, the engine cannot time rotational power as required. This is the reason, it is required that your vehicle has a quality transmission gear system.


Heat Treatment Process

Qualitative or durable transmission gears or components cannot be manufactured if they don’t undergo heat treatment. Heat Treatment is a heating & cooling process through which material’s strength is increased. The process involves the alteration of chemical, physical & metallurgical properties through which the life of gears is extended. If your vehicle has heat-treated transmission gears or timing gear, the performance of transmission system will increase.


Ami-Gears Heat-Treated Gears

When it comes to manufacturing of timing gears or transmission gears, Ami-Gears stands out of competition. Ami-Gears possesses a state of the art manufacturing plant for the manufacturing of quality and standardized transmission gears. It is ensured that gears are heat-treated so that they meet all the metallurgical parameters and other quality standards. Commonly, gears undergo following heat treatment process;

  • Annealing and Solution Annealing
  • Hardening and Tempering
  • Case Harden
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing
  • Gas Carburizing
  • Gas Nitriding
  • Carbonitriding

Heat-treated gears are of high quality and possess a long life as compared to the gears which are not treated. Every method of heat treatment has its own place and occurs differently depending upon the type of treatment. The important thing is to ensure that the component undergoes the treatment and attains the required strength or durability in order to outperform.