Very few pieces of metals exist naturally in a perfect shape or form as to be readily usable to produce a product unusable in the manufacturing process. For this reason and other refinement endeavors, it is vital that metal pieces are put through the process of heating before they can be employed in production of a particular product that will be used on an industrial scale and will be required to exhibit certain chemical and physical qualities.

These qualities may include but are in no way limited to resistance to strain under pressure, appearance of fission in the metal surface without the softening core, or as to being chemically inert at the temperature of operation however high or low that might be.

To this end, the process of heating is used in the industry to alter the physical and chemical properties of the pieces of metals that are to be used to make a bigger industrial scale product, which will be worked rigorously to deliver products within its' domain.

It is not just the heating process itself that counts, it is also just as important that the process of heating is carried out with utmost care, focus, and detail-orientation that are usually linked with an experienced surgeon. Failure to do so could result in making the metalpiece worse than when it was purchased as a raw material.

We believe carrying out the heating process is an art and cannot be taught or learned through any process except experience. That's why our experience of carrying out heating processes on metals for years has enabled us to gain insight into the specifics of the method and this factor alone puts us light-years ahead of our competitors who usually prefer just outsourcing heating process to some third party. Ami Gears carries out heating processes more expertly than almost anyone in the market the delivers the products that our customers can count on.