Like other heat treating processes prevalent in the manufacturing industry, tempering is another one that has stood the test of time and is used by manufacturers even today with growing technological advancements. Ami Gears as a best tempering manufacturer takes care of all the details.

The process of steel tempering Company in the manufacturing processes usually follow the hardening processes. The reason for that order of operation is that tempering downplays and fixes some of the unneeded hardness.

This process includes increasing the temperature that the metal piece is exposed to a level that is below the critical period of any duration of time. This duration is of course dependent upon the level f hardness inflicted upon the metal piece in the hardening processes.

Also depending on the type of metal being used, the duration of time changes so there is not a set amount of time that one should dedicate to the process of steel tempering Company especially with regards to the exposure of the metal piece to the increased temperature.

It really depends on the specifics of your project, the intended use of the metal piece, and the extent of hardness that the metal piece went under. So one needs to take all of that into account when determining the time during which the metal piece would be exposed to the increased temperature.

Once the metal piece has been exposed to the increased temperature for an amount of time. It is allowed to cool off but unlike other processes that require quenching, tempering allows the metal piece to cool off in air. This air does not blow but is still. This amounts to letting the metal piece cool off at room temperature but even that temperature could vary according to the hardness, the type, and the anyone of the the number of the intended uses or applications of the metal piece going through the tempering process.

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