In applications and tasks where high efficiency is needed for one reason or another, bevel as well as miter gears are employed in the system. When efficiency is the target, it is essential to use both types of these gears at 90 degree angles. This is their most efficient setting, any other angle might not deliver the same sort of efficiency. The motion and power are transmitted at right angles with non-parallel shafts turning with specific speed ratios. For Miter gears, that speed ratio is 1:1 and in the case of bevel gears, the speed ratio hovers around 6:1.

As Miter gears have gear undercuts and a reduced number of teeth compared to other types of gears, miter gears are cut by around 20 degrees in order to make up for the aforementioned deficiencies to ensure the application of Miter gears remains applicable and viable in the system for their intended purposes.

In systems and machines that require more than one Miter gear, it is vital to ensure that all the Miter gears in that system or machinery have the same features. If the number of teeth, angle of pressure, or pitch are not in sync and carry from one Miter gear to another, the machine will not function properly. To ensure the smooth operation of gears, you must make sure that all Miter gears have the same pressure angle, pitch, and the number of teeth. For systems that require more than a couple of Miter gears, arrangements such as the differential arrangement can be employed that only a custom miter gear manufacturers in US can provide.

A gear will perform only as well as it is mounted. Without proper and adequate mounting, even the best and most expensive of gears will malfunction. Thus, it is vital that when mounting Miter gears, it is important to ensure that the shafts are placed at right angles. This arrangement prevents misalignment and irregular mounting techniques. During assembly, Coniflex tooth allow for minor adjustments but it has its' limitations. It cannot be used to compensate for misalignment beyond a certain proportion. Ami Gears as a custom miter gear manufacturers in US provides miter gears of the highest quality anywhere available in the market.