Ami Gears as the best custom spur gears manufacturer can build spur gears according to your demands and needs. If you have 2D designs or have a finished 3D model, Ami Gears can use that to manufacture a spur gear that looks and works exactly as you wish especially curated to the intended application and use.

Our spur gear products are manufactured to deliver the maximum amount of motion and power based on their parallel shaft design.

As far as gears go, spur gears are by the most popular type due to its' lack of losses and high efficiency. It is also low cost compared to most other types of gears and the most popular delivery of rotatory motion and power transmission in a Spur gear is from one parallel saft to the other.

Ami Gears is best custom spur gears manufacturer that depending on your design and the area of application can manufacture spur gear with different material such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel, hardened teeth, bronze, non-metallic phenolic among many. Furthermore, for special application, Ami Gears can even curate specifications so that you can carry out a task with ease.

For example, let's you need a spur gear for a task in which noise is a factor and the gear will have to operate at high speeds. Although traditionally, the speed of a metallic gear should remain well below 1200 feet per minute, for tasks that need spur gears to operate on higher speeds, you should opt for nylon for the manufacture material as they can easily be used for operations at twice the 1200 limit essentially going easily to 2400, at the same time keeping noise and vibratory motion minimal that a metallic contact is bound to induce in a machinery, which makes the whole manufacturing apparatus more efficient.