One of the core benefits of the custom planetary gearboxes is that the power industry they provide has greater power density when assessed in accordance with the usual parallel axis gear trains. On top of that, planetary gears also provide lower volume, more than one combination of kinematic, reactions that exclusively take place on torsional lines, and shafting that is multi-axial.

However, it also has a few drawbacks such as the loads they bear are high, it needs consistent oiling and lubrication, it remains largely inaccessible due to positional and structural constraints, and the way it is designed, shaped, and mounted makes it incredibly complex. But despite that, it remains highly efficient as it transmits about 97% of the energy put through it.

This high efficiency ensures that most of the power is transmitted and less than 3% is lost to various things such as mechanical losses that largely take place within the gearbox. One way planetary gear manufacturers suppliers system transmits most of the energy put through it is due to the load sharing as loads being put through the planetary gear system places itself equitably and inequitably on a number of planets present within a planetary gear system. This increases the capability of torque transmission considerably.

This torque transmission can be further increased very easily as a custom planetary gearboxes system requires only that you add more planets to share the load and that very conveniently increases the torque capability.

With planetary gear manufacturers suppliers comes greater stability within the system. This would be the case with almost any gear system with high efficiency and incredibly low losses. Such an efficiency rate tends to make the entire gear system more stable as there is less heat due to energy and power losses. This is due to the sharing of the mass to be distributed, which increases the rotational stiffness or rotational friction.